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Product Details: 1027-P-MK007371

Send someone good vibes and make their day! A great relaxation and stress relief care package. Good vibes gift boxes contain wellness products chosen for their ability to boost a person's mood and well-being. A Good Vibes Guide is included with each gift and it provides information on how the products help raise your vibration and lists other ways catch some good vibes! Directions to access an online guide for clearing energy with sage are provided in the gift box.

Gift Box Includes:

  • Dead Sea Salt (4 oz) - for bath soak to draw out negative energy from the body
  • Sage Smudge Stick - 4 inch bundle of California White Sage to clear energy of a space or person
  • Good Vibes Guide
  • Greeting Card with personal message printed on the back

Send someone good vibes and make their day!

  1. Good Vibes Sage Gift Box